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Fred is a fictitious name I created for myself. (to protect the innocent of course) I am 22 years old and struggling with the momentous decision: what am I going to do with my life? This blog is the journal of my journey to find the answer.

Thoughts and Emotions

So saturday night me and my boys from work decided to hit the Oregon district in Dayton, Ohio.  Man, was that a blast. Live bands, good food and drinks, and great company.  We did ourselves a favor and rented a limo and these boys did a really good job of taking care of us.  Definitely worth a mention for an outstanding limo rental service. I really feel that I have grown as a person and that this fact allows me to enjoy life much more.

I am spending more and more time in contemplation. Just a fancy word for focused thought.  I think about how my brain works. I know I don’t control where and when my thoughts happen. They just seem to drop in out of nowhere, I have a tendency to assign a good or bad connotation to these thoughts and then I will often attach an emotion to the thought at that point.  This often establishes a mood or an emotional state. Of course this all happens so fast that you have to pay really close attention to it to even see it as a process.

Understanding this has given me the chance to practice disrupting this process and thereby gaining a greater control over my emotional state. I now strive for a positive, aggressive, and resourceful emotional state. As I get better at this I am beginning to see more and more positive changes in my life. It feels amazing.

I have made a commitment to investing in myself and in my self growth. It is a difficult pursuit but worthwhile.  The way that I see it is that studying how my own brain works is the most important pursuit I can have. I meet so many people who don’t have a clue why they do the things that they do.  It never occurs to them that they should be figuring out why. Until next time.


Wow! Has it really been so long since I posted in this blog.  Well  world, a lot has happened since we last spoke.  I have a job! I know It is hard to take in, I can scarcely believe it myself.  I am a contributing member of society.  That whole Tony Robbins thing really made me grow.  I got to give the guy his due.  His stuff is the real deal.

So I travel a lot with my job.  We build storage facilities in a very special way for a special group of people. (shhhh  I’m not suppose to tell)  It is a good job and I enjoy it and the travel.  Right now we are in Ohio which is cool,  it isn’t Texas but it’s ok by me.

I have really gotten into my personal growth recently. Yoga, meditation, visualization, I’m guess I’m turning into a regular new ager.  Lol. One thing I have been doing for myself is getting massages.  It is hard for me to believe I never tried them before. They feel so good.  My job can be pretty physical so the massages really do help with healing and regeneration.  This week I tweeked my neck out and I called this mobile massage therapist.  She is very, very good.  5 stars for sure, my neck felt great afterwards. If you are ever in southwest Ohio and need a mobile massage she is most assuredly the gal to call.  Here is her Link

So this meditation thing is kind of taking on a life of its own.  I do it every day and man is it making a difference.  When I first started I just tried to focus on counting my breaths up to twenty and starting over, no other thoughts.  The first thing I noticed was how my thought just seem to drop out of nowhere, mostly unconnected random thoughts. The second thing was that I really couldn’t control them, they would just come out of nowhere and take over my brain. Invariably, I would find myself counting up to 25 or 30 every cycle. This, of course caused me to become annoyed with myself for not doing what I was trying to do.

The humor of the situation did not escape me.  A man sitting all alone in the middle of the room becoming angry with himself for not thinking about what he wanted. Hilarious!

But I stuck with it, and I learned.  I learned to control my monkey mind and I learned that I cannot control the thoughts that I have; I can only control the energy and time I give them.  I am still a novice but I feel like I have grown from this exercise.  I will continue with it.



Establishing Rapport

Hi! Fred here with more self- improvement tips .  Before I begin my review I want to take a moment and give credit where credit is due.  This blogging thing is all new to me, I was really struggling with many parts of website building and overall internet knowledge.  I responded to an e-mail and established contact with a business that really has bent over backwards to help me out. These guys really believe in delivering the value.  I promised them I would mention their  website and here it is: These guys get five stars from me. Now back to the current review.

I’ve been watching videos again.  After thinking about my life for a while I came to the conclusion that I could communicate much, much better with my fellow humans.  So I went to youtube and looked up my guy Tony Robbins again. I found this video:

In this video Tony talks about Dr. Milton H. Erickson who is famous for his works in hypnosis but Tony describes his skills in rapport building. Dr. Erickson would talk to his patients using the same demeanor, language, and intensity as they displayed to him. If they were loud and talked fast; he would respond to them in the same manner. Mr Robbins describes the good Doctor as a genius in this area. People like people who are like themselves, or who are like how they themselves would like to be. Continue reading Establishing Rapport

Six emotional human needs

Hey everyone, Fred here again. I just got done listening to another free you tube video by Anthony Robbins.  This guy is a beast!  He has so many videos and they are all awesome.  The one I listened to today was about the six emotional needs of humans.  We all have needs.  The first line of needs is survival: air, water, food, shelter…etc.  Once our survival needs are met we have a second set of needs. Our emotional needs; while these needs aren’t  necessary for our immediate survival,  our minds still view them as a necessity and we spend most of our time trying to satisfy them with some vehicle.

We have six emotional needs: certainty, uncertainty, significance, connection, growth, and contribution. The last two: growth and contribution are not as necessary to maintain our self image , at least not until a certain level of development, so for now we will begin with the first four. Continue reading Six emotional human needs

Welcome to my new blog!

Howdy world!  My name is Fred.  I am 21 years old and I live with my father in oak lawn heights apartments. That is why I called this site   I am trying to figure out what to do with my life.  This blog will journal my thoughts on this journey.

I never have been a college kind of guy.  I have read many stories of successful men who didn’t go to college.  Maybe the key is belief in yourself; maybe that is where I should start. I don’t have much money but luckily the internet provides a lot of information. I think I’ll start with youtube.

I think I am partial to a guy named Tony Robbins. Man, this guy has been around forever.  There has to be a reason for it.  He certainly is successful.  When I listen to him I feel better about myself, I guess that is why I like him.

Rule # 1. – If you want people to like you make them feel good about themselves.

One consistent theme for change that Tony talks about is standards. Standards are the minimum that we will let ourselves accept. According to Mr. Robbins our standards are programmable by us. This means that we can change our minimum standards, thereby changing the point at which we will stop striving to get a specific goal. This is an astounding revelation.  If this is true then I have much more power than I ever thought possible.

I am blown away by this guy but I still need a course of action.  Right now I have a lot to learn about myself, and I think I have found the guy to teach me.

tony robbinds

I think my first steps will be to learn as much as I can from this guy.  He has a ton of free videos on youtube so I can get started now. I will try to summarize the videos on this blog so it will help me to learn the information and who knows: someone may see it and decide to make a change for the better in their lives.

Continue reading Welcome to my new blog!