Wow! Has it really been so long since I posted in this blog.  Well  world, a lot has happened since we last spoke.  I have a job! I know It is hard to take in, I can scarcely believe it myself.  I am a contributing member of society.  That whole Tony Robbins thing really made me grow.  I got to give the guy his due.  His stuff is the real deal.

So I travel a lot with my job.  We build storage facilities in a very special way for a special group of people. (shhhh  I’m not suppose to tell)  It is a good job and I enjoy it and the travel.  Right now we are in Ohio which is cool,  it isn’t Texas but it’s ok by me.

I have really gotten into my personal growth recently. Yoga, meditation, visualization, I’m guess I’m turning into a regular new ager.  Lol. One thing I have been doing for myself is getting massages.  It is hard for me to believe I never tried them before. They feel so good.  My job can be pretty physical so the massages really do help with healing and regeneration.  This week I tweeked my neck out and I called this mobile massage therapist.  She is very, very good.  5 stars for sure, my neck felt great afterwards. If you are ever in southwest Ohio and need a mobile massage she is most assuredly the gal to call.  Here is her Link

So this meditation thing is kind of taking on a life of its own.  I do it every day and man is it making a difference.  When I first started I just tried to focus on counting my breaths up to twenty and starting over, no other thoughts.  The first thing I noticed was how my thought just seem to drop out of nowhere, mostly unconnected random thoughts. The second thing was that I really couldn’t control them, they would just come out of nowhere and take over my brain. Invariably, I would find myself counting up to 25 or 30 every cycle. This, of course caused me to become annoyed with myself for not doing what I was trying to do.

The humor of the situation did not escape me.  A man sitting all alone in the middle of the room becoming angry with himself for not thinking about what he wanted. Hilarious!

But I stuck with it, and I learned.  I learned to control my monkey mind and I learned that I cannot control the thoughts that I have; I can only control the energy and time I give them.  I am still a novice but I feel like I have grown from this exercise.  I will continue with it.



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