Establishing Rapport

Hi! Fred here with more self- improvement tips .  Before I begin my review I want to take a moment and give credit where credit is due.  This blogging thing is all new to me, I was really struggling with many parts of website building and overall internet knowledge.  I responded to an e-mail and established contact with a business that really has bent over backwards to help me out. These guys really believe in delivering the value.  I promised them I would mention their  website and here it is: These guys get five stars from me. Now back to the current review.

I’ve been watching videos again.  After thinking about my life for a while I came to the conclusion that I could communicate much, much better with my fellow humans.  So I went to youtube and looked up my guy Tony Robbins again. I found this video:

In this video Tony talks about Dr. Milton H. Erickson who is famous for his works in hypnosis but Tony describes his skills in rapport building. Dr. Erickson would talk to his patients using the same demeanor, language, and intensity as they displayed to him. If they were loud and talked fast; he would respond to them in the same manner. Mr Robbins describes the good Doctor as a genius in this area. People like people who are like themselves, or who are like how they themselves would like to be.

These are called mirroring techniques. Tony Robbins goes on to explain how if you mirror the movements of someone at another table in a restaurant for 5 to 10 minutes, you will then be able to introduce a new movement and that person will do the same movement.  This is called leading.  So mirroring and leading is a proven technique that will increase your ability to establish a strong rapport with people.  I think I could definitely benefit from some practice in this area.

Rapport is power.  Everything we want in life is already possessed by someone else.  We just need to get them to want to give it to us, or show us how to get it.  Obviously, we will need to give them what they want in return for such information, and it all starts with rapport. We need other people to want to help us. This is a basic skill as a human being.

Rapport is created by a feeling of commonality.  We need other people to see us the same way as they see themselves in certain areas. We don’t need to use only our words to accomplish this task. That is where mirroring and leading come into play. These are skills we can develop to increase our ability to establish rapport.

Style is more important than substance initially. This means that the method of delivery is more important than the message when first contacting someone. We have to break through their subconscious guards before we can engage their conscious minds.

These are the main notes to the video but there is much, much more information that is useful in it. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in this subject to watch the entire video.

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