About Me

This is where I tell you my story.  My name is Fred and I am 21 years old.  I grew up in a small Texas town. I guess you could say I had a pretty average childhood.   My parents were divorced when I was ten years old.  I love them both very much I played basketball through school. Though in truth I wasn’t outstanding; I rode the bench for most of my high school years. I have had good friends and girl friends. I consider myself to be lucky. Like I said, a pretty average childhood  I lived with my mom for nine years and then I moved to the big city to live with my father.  Since then I haven’t done much.  Odd jobs here and there but nothing has really stuck.

I realize the need for change.  I really do feel that the decisions that I make now will determine my future life. It is a very critical time of my life.   So I thought that starting a blog as a way to journal my quest for my passion for life, my reason for living. ( yes , there is a considerable amount of sarcasm in that last statement)

I have been living here in these apartments for a few years.  It’s alright I guess.  I know my father works really hard to pay for it all.  He is a blue collar kind of guy.  I do really appreciate everything that he does, even though he preaches at me to do something with my life. I guess that is what fathers are suppose to do.  Besides that he is ok.  I never really have been a college kind of guy, I didn’t want to go to college just because I didn’t know what to do with my life.  Not enough money and I don’t think I would have done well or finished anyway.

I do believe in myself. I know I can try hard, and I believe there are ways to make good money without going to college. It is time for me to find one of those ways.  Here goes!

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